3D printing and additive manufacturing are changing the manufacturing industry

How Open-Source 3D Printers are Changing the Manufacturing Industry

After 30 years of development, 3D printers have completely changed the way that companies think about manufacturing and designing their products. Additive manufacturing paired with 3D printing has made countless industries more efficient and provided a unique opportunity for innovation.

A wide range of industries use 3D printing and additive manufacturing to quickly create complex parts for a variety of products. Recently, 3d printers and additive manufacturing programs have become more available to consumers. This availability has made it possible for more people across the globe to experiment and design new products. Most owners of 3D printing technology are very open about what they are doing and share their ideas online, opening up a new world of ideas to manufacturers.

As easy-to-use and free 3D design software becomes available to the public, it will become easier for manufacturers to find collaborators and for consumers to influence products before they hit the market. The use of this software could also allow customers to personalize and change products to better suite their needs.

Additive manufacturing could eventually change the way that businesses model themselves. Rather than using a factory to create millions of products, a couple of people could reproduce products and sell them online without ever leaving their room. This would allow economic growth in impoverished parts of the world while also helping people learn about additive design and providing companies with an infinite source for innovative ideas.

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