Autodesk and the Internet of Things join to make innovative products

Autodesk and the Internet of Things: The Future of Innovation

The Internet of Things, also known as IoT, is a system of sensors used to gather data about products and objects or give them “smart” abilities. Many industries use the IoT for many purposes. One newly realized function of an IoT is informing CAD designers about whether or not their product is performing.

Autodesk will soon be able to pair with an IoT network. This would allow designers to collect valuable data which could help them to refine or re-design their product. It could also give them data about how their product is working in the real world, which can help to update their product or make future products better. Often it is hard for a designer to tell whether or not their product is performing correctly. Sometimes it is even more difficult for a designer to collect precise data about their product.

These sensors can collect all sorts of data about the world we live in. It can tell us when bridges are weak, when equipment needs replacement, how placement in stores affect sales or even how efficient a business is. All of this data can provide important numbers for designers to understand how their products function mechanically, socially and economically.

Eventually Autodesk could even learn and adapt to the designer to make suggestions about what has worked in the past with similar products. A world of innovative ideas await.

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