Building a successful supply chain career.

What it Takes to Build Supply Chain Careers from the Ground Up

Whether you planned to reach the management or executive level or not when you were going into your first supply chain job; it’s never too late to start planning for and working toward a better future. It’s actually simple to maximize your employ-ability and effectiveness in the supply chain industry whether you’re still in college or midway through your career.


Start working immediately for a company with a good reputation. Even if you’re just starting from the bottom, with an entry-level position; it’s typically easy to find work with a company that has a great reputation like Nike, Amazon, Honda, GMC, Whirlpool or Wal-Mart. Your specific growth might happen there or with another company. However, the top names will look best on your resume.

Build your network. Groom your online presence like any other executive would and socialize within the industry both on and offline.

Gain experience in as many departments as possible. You can do this by accepting projects with different teams or specifically asking for more varied work opportunities going in. Candidates with experience in a variety of departments like sourcing, logistics, manufacturing, global and planning etc., will get better job opportunities, because they can manage a variety of different teams.

Learn other skill-sets that will broaden your options. Consider taking classes while you’re in college or part-time online in fields such as:

  • Business management,
  • IT,
  • Finance,
  • Software development, and
  • Mobile security, etc.

These skill-sets and many more are becoming crucial in the modern supply chain industry. As computer programs continue replace more jobs, they create new jobs for people who can design, manage and troubleshoot them. Additionally, practical business skills are always welcome in any business and will help to make you indispensable to your employer.

Don’t be afraid to work in multiple industries. This will only increase your employ-ability. Make an effort to really learn the most you can about every industry you work in and you will be an asset to any team.

Lastly, learn from experienced managers and find a mentor in every company you work for. Nothing helps you learn faster and sticks with you longer than the direct experience you’ve gotten on your own or that someone else has shared with you.

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