CAD Systems Migrating to the Cloud

What’s New in Engineering & Product Development?

Big things are happening in the world of engineering and product development, especially when it comes to systems engineering. According to Siemens, there are talks taking place of everything engineering being done via Cloud, rather than traditional file server systems. There are talks of doing nearly everything regarding product development and engineering from an application (a mobile application, no less!) rather than a workstation.

Siemens, for example, is revolutionizing the way they do things with their debut of Solid Edge, a new CAD platform that runs through a browser on the Cloud and through mobile apps. Because of this new change, projects are completed more efficiently than ever before. This is especially helpful when creating new concept designs and being able to share those designs with other members on their design team.

According to, the overarching goal is for engineering, concept design, CAD system design, and product development to become a more global enterprise. At the PTC Live Global Event in 2013, plans were discussed about globalization and digitization in an effort to reach as many as possible with their products, as well as making their products more easily accessible to the public. There were also plans made to increase connectivity, which provides consumers and businesses with the ability to fix issues with technology remotely, rather than being on site.

All of this and more are being put in place to make engineering and product development a more user-friendly and connected environment. Everything is going digital; the internet is becoming more and more of a place for people to be connected on a global level, as well as shop, work, and learn. Why not things like engineering, product development, and CAD systems as well? Being connected in this manner makes us able to solve problems quickly and more efficiently. It’s a new age fueled and driven by the need for greater efficiency and the ability to create a brighter future in engineering.