Changes coming in the Supply Chain Industry

The Biggest Changes Coming in Supply Chain industry

There are a lot of companies starting to look at the supply chain as an opportunity to reduce costs and drive productive sales growth. In the past, the supply chain was an area that many companies did not concentrate on. However, as the global economy becomes more complex, many companies spend a large amount of money in this area.

Integrated Companies

One of the biggest changes in this industry is the growth of integrated companies in the supply chain. Many companies work with others in their industry to accomplish more efficiencies in the supply chain. Not only does this reduce expenses, but this idea also helps to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. There are a lot of companies in the industry interested in becoming more socially active in building a better world. In the future, this trend will continue as more consumers demand it.

Fuel Prices

The price of oil is one of the biggest supply chain stories of the year. However, many companies know this low price will not continue forever. Over the long-term, it is vital that companies prepare for higher fuel prices. A lot of companies make investments in their company with the savings from this area. This leads to an overall more efficient supply chain in many areas. As a company, it is vital to budget in higher fuel prices in the years to come. The last time oil was this low, many companies endured budget losses when oil prices rose to their historic norm and their supply chain costs increased.