Checklist for Supply Chain Manager Recruitment

Supply Chain Industry Tips: 4 Things to Look for in a Supply Chain Manager

Are you in the process of recruiting a Supply Chain Manager? Not all candidates for the job will end up being right for the position. Supply Chain Management is complex, and your manager will need to be sharp, flexible, and skilled. Here are four specific things you should look for as you interview applicants for this role:

1. Finance Acumen

It goes without saying that supply chain managers with knowledge and awareness of cash flow management help you cut costs and improve efficiency. Your finance and accounting managers shouldn’t be the only ones monitoring costs. A supply chain manager with some experience in finance is a major asset.

2. Interest in New Technology

Supply chain management software improves every year and can seriously improve the way your supply chain business functions. A supply chain manager who wants to rely on old technology to get the job done and is resistant to exploring new options may not be the best candidate.

3. Global Experience

The supply chain industry is going global, and, chances are, you may have your sights set on expanding internationally, if you haven’t already. Your supply chain manager should feel comfortable working in a fast-paced global climate. Previous international experience is a plus.

4. Superior Communication Skills

Supply chain managers continuously have to communicate with teams to ensure projects are staying on schedule and progressing as they should be. They also have to put out fires and help employees solve logistical problems on a daily basis. Without the right communication abilities, managers can quickly lose the trust of their teams. If this happens, the productivity of your business can suffer.

These are just some of the key things you should look for in a supply chain manager. Don’t forget to check references and find someone who has in-depth experience in the supply chain industry!