Cognitive computing and modern robotics will shape the supply chain industry

How Consumer Expectations Shape the Supply Chain Industry

The new year is just around the bend and with the shifting of the seasons a big change will take place in the supply chain industry. According to an article published on Modern Materials Handling, IDC is expecting one of the biggest changes the industry has ever seen.

These changes will mostly affect processes through which companies manage supply chains. Most notably, supply chains could begin to use e-commerce networks more frequently to manage supply and demand.

With new technological advancements and new demands from consumers, many companies could be pushed to welcome e-commerce, 3d printing, and robotics to leverage their business and provide new room to grow.

According to IDC, by 2019, 50% of current manufacturers will have changed their logistics management systems to incorporate new innovations and technologies, including robotics, 3d printing, and e-commerce. Along with these technologies, a fairly new technology, the internet of things, known as IoT, will increase productivity in manufacturing supply chains.

As expectations from consumers become more diverse, not only will new technologies foster growth, but they will also create new supply chain jobs, such as positions to maintain these new technologies.

“By 2020, 50% of the operational jobs in the supply chain will have evolved into “knowledge” roles required to support new technologies like cognitive computing and modern robotics.” – Modern Materials Handling

With these technological advancements some jobs might disappear, but new jobs will grow and will allow for new advances and innovations.

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