Employment opportunities in agriculture science and engineering

What’s New in Agricultural Engineering & Product Development?

If you’ve been considering a career in engineering, manufacturing or supply chain industry there are many new advancements and opportunities in agricultural engineering.

What Type of Work Would You Do?

As an agricultural engineer, you would work as a bit of both a scientist and an engineer, throughout a variety of industries. For example, agricultural engineers work for:

  • Seed companies like Monsanto and Pioneer,
  • Farm equipment manufacturers like John Deer,
  • Forest product companies like Weyerhaeuser,
  • Food Producers like Ben and Jerry’s and Kraft, and
  • Environmental manufacturing firms like Mock Roos and Associates

They also work with other types of engineers and scientists on futuristic new projects like NASA’s work to grow food in space, and feed a future human colony on Mars. Currently, NASA is experimenting with hydroponic growth techniques and plans to explore other methods to achieve this.

However, public outrage has continued to create more demand for agricultural engineers that are interested in improving the environment and the quality of our food supply. With the release of documentaries like the critically acclaimed, Food Inc,” and others, the American public has gotten to see firsthand that there is a dark side to agricultural engineering: one rife with animal cruelty and geared toward profit only at the expense of public health and safety. However, this backlash has increased the public demand for, “better,” foods; produced in ethical ways.

Growth Energy, an organization of producers of ethanol and supporters of its use throughout all of America’s industries, has pledged to double scholarships in 2016 for students willing to go into agricultural education. Currently, Growth Energy gives $750 to 15 students every year. However, that number will increase to $1500 per student, per year. They will also give out more scholarships, but the exact number hasn’t been disclosed.

In addition, innovators are working all over the world to find creative, safe ways to produce better food. Italian architect Stefano Boeri is no doubt consulting with an agricultural engineer or two on his BioMilan projects; like these staggered residential towers shown here that will add 100,000 new square feet of woodlands and healthy soil to grow food in the middle of one of the world’s largest cities. According to his website, Boeri has:

  • “Six ideas for a bio-diverse metropolis
  • Six transitional states between the city, nature and agriculture, and
  • Six energy sources for a new model of urban economics “

That he’d like to share with the world.

Opportunities in Engineering and Development

If you’re interested in a career in agricultural engineering, you will still find a lot of traditional work with longstanding industries like food and equipment manufacturing. However, you will also find additional opportunities if you’re interested in working to design new ways to protect the environment, conserve resources, reduce pollution and develop biofuels.

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