Employment opportunities within the manufacturing industry

Finding Your Place in the Manufacturing Industry

Whether you’re into high fashion, high-tech or blue collar work with your hands; there is satisfying work available to you in the manufacturing industry. In addition, each company has its own perks and benefits packages. The package that might be ideal for you might not be right for a friend of yours. However, you both might find a place within the manufacturing industry — just at different companies.

Though many pundits find things to complain about the job market in general, candidates willing to consider the manufacturing industry have often found multiple opportunities in factories that produce:

  • Apparel
  • Food
  • Leather and allied products
  • Printing products
  • Chemicals
  • Furniture
  • Automotive
  • Plastics and rubber
  • Fabricated and Primary metal
  • Nonmetallic minerals
  • Computer and electronic products
  • Electrical equipment, components and appliances
  • Transportation equipment and automobiles
  • Textiles
  • Beverage and tobacco products
  • Miscellaneous products

Additionally, hundreds, (if not thousands), of new types of factory jobs are opening up in companies like Amazon that handle logistics only. These companies make big business out of picking, sorting and sending products to the customers.

What to Expect from an Industry Career?

  • Most factory jobs come with full benefits packages that include:
  • Medical and dental plans for your entire family,
  • 401k plan choices,
  • Partial ownership in the company,
  • Periodic reviews for raises 2 or more times a year, and
  • Much more

However, the reason the manufacturing industry is always hiring is because there are some differences between factory work and regular 9 to 5 office work. In many cases, compromise comes with the job. However, the higher-ups know this and that’s why the benefits packages are so appealing.

In addition, many people have adjusted to the factory work lifestyle, and have worked the same job for dozens of years. This is because the manufacturing industry is one of the most dynamic, financially rewarding and secure industries a new hire can enter; no matter what your education or socio-economic background is.

However, here are some common considerations to keep in mind:

  • Many industries require 7 day work weeks during some busy season of the year or another. For many companies, this can be the Christmas season.
  • Your manager will likely expect shift flexibility. Most factories offer a first shift, (often like 6am to 2pm); a second shift, (often like 2pm to 10pm); and a third shift, (often like 10pm to 6am). Some require 12 hour shifts from time to time as well, or even once or twice a week. Schedules like this are common.
  • Some factories are dirty. Some of the best jobs with some of the top industry leaders have unavoidable factory cleanliness issues. For example, this is a common issue with forging and die cast manufacturers.
  • Some factories are also quite big, so you will literally walk several miles every day at work. You might also climb hundreds of steps daily. Because of this, your health will likely improve. However, it might take some getting used to at first.
  • It’s important to understand also, that childcare is often one of the hardest challenges you’ll have. Because of the odd scheduling, depending on where you live, 24 hour childcare might not be available. Therefore, you might have to get creative. Factory work can also affect family holidays, special events and general family time.

Also, when it comes to your health, make sure:

  • You’re careful, safe and alert if you travel regularly at night, and
  • You try to avoid repetitive stress injuries or treat them quickly

Lastly, it’s important to understand that not every job will carry the same inconveniences in scheduling and working conditions as others. In fact, the job market is vast in today’s manufacturing industry. In it, you will find standard clerical jobs; customer service jobs; computer programming work; skilled labor work; and executive and CEO/CFO work right alongside picking and sorting and assembly line work.

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