Hiring Vets to Target Supply Chain Labor Shortage

VETS TO WERC Campaign Targets Supply Chain Industry Labor Shortage

Legacy Supply Chain Services, DC Velocity and the national Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) recently launched the VETS TO WERC campaign. The shortage of skilled supply chain industry labor is a problem that isn’t going away, not with the looming wave of Baby Boomer retirements on the horizon. The VETS TO WERC awareness campaign highlights a viable solution for this growing labor problem, according to a recent American Journal of Transportation report.

In an article for Industry Week, David Bisk, president of Bisk Education, described the skilled labor shortage as the “weak link” in the supply chain industry. It certainly stands in the way of the adoption of the sorts of technologies essential to staying globally competitive, according to Accelerating Change: How Innovation is Driving Digital “Always-On” Supply Chains, this year’s annual report by MHI, a global supply chain, logistics and materials handling trade association. However, as Lieutenant Colonel Brian Gilman, of the Chairman’s Office of Reintegration, Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff suggests, veterans are ideally suited to provide the skilled labor the industry needs.

“The supply chain industry is a natural fit for veterans, who have done everything from battlefield logistics planning, to transporting cargo, to operating heavy machinery,” said Gilman, as quoted in a Business Wire press release. Gilman, along with Master Sergeant Adam Martinez, Regional Deputy Director for the Soldier for Life Program, is taking an active role in the VETS TO WERC campaign.


As supply chain industry leaders are discovering, the hand-on experience that many veterans bring to the table offers solid practical advantages. There’s less of a learning curve to deal with than there is when hiring new graduates. Veterans have real world supply chain experience, and often using some of the most up-to-date technologies. Of course, supply chain industries have a lot to offer veterans as well. These industries can be the ideal path for transitioning back into the private sector, making the VETS TO WERC campaign a win-win for everyone involved.