Internet of Things might revolutionize the supply chain industry

Is There a Revolution in the Works for the Supply Chain Industry?

If your company is engaged with the supply chain industry, you know how important it is. Logistics can very easily be a neglected element in the process of creating great customer experiences. However, the supply chain plays an integral in providing the best possible customer service delivery. As such is the case, it is vital for companies to focus on making their supply chain processes they best they can be. Thankfully, the dawning of 2016 may usher in some potentially revolutionary changes in this industry… changes that could go a long way in ensuring improved customer experiences.

According to Andy Sounders, one of the primary aspects of this potential revolution could be the emergence of the Internet of Things (IOT) (from ITPortal). If you’re not familiar with this exciting development, it’s time to change that! Basically, the idea behind IOT is that, eventually, everything new piece of tech, every new electronic and electric gadget will have connectivity with the internet. What does this mean? For the supply chain industry, if companies respond proactively and implement this technology as able, virtually every aspect of the supply chain and every exchange of consumer goods on the chain could be trackable and visible, and not only the every stakeholder in the chain on the business side, but potentially to the primary stakeholder, the customer, as well.

The rise of IOT technology can have long-term significant impact on the customer experience. Supply chain professionals and businesses that employ the supply chain industry would do well to engage with this technology and implement it as quickly as possible. Not only will it improve their in-house accountabilities, but it will positively impact their brand equity in the long haul.