Latest Innovations in Renewable Energy

Latest Innovations in Renewable Energy

A high percentage of the world has grown relying on oil and gas. We are moving from the industrial to the technological revolution. The problem is both of these need the same energy to power them. It has become clear that another century in use of oil and gas might leave the earth as an oven. For these reasons, companies are investing in the discovery of new ways to use renewable energy. Below are the latest innovations in renewable energy.

Hydrogen Cell

Hydro cells have been there for decades, but with hydrogen being unstable, people shied from their use. Pure hydrogen combines with oxygen to produce energy and water. Astronauts have used it for years to propel spacecraft. The hydrogen fuel cell is a promising technology. It is usable as heat and electricity source. With a few minor touches, motor vehicles will run on hydrogen ridding us of the greenhouse gasses. The best part is hydrogen put in liquid form secures future use. Like electricity, it is transportable to locations where needed.

Biomass Energy

It is the energy obtained from the use of plant materials. Examples are burning wheat husks to power an engine, decomposing manure in a controlled container to collect biogas, etc. Despite being here for ages; few people use this energy for commercial purposes. What people are unaware of is that biomass energy is carbon neutral. It means that the carbon byproduct from the plants was already on the earth.

Tidal Energy

The tidal concept is still a bit new. Tidal and wind power was exclusively used by sailors to propel their ships. At high and low tides, a lot of energy goes untapped. But now, with inventions on how to tap it, the world will just get more energy.