Management Employment Opportunities in Supply Chain Industry.

Supply Chain Employment/Careers: Offering a Variety of Management Opportunities

Job seekers in search of a career in management should consider entering the supply chain or logistics industry. There is a plethora of management positions available to job applicants, particularly in the field of manufacturing. Some of the most popular management positions lie within the arenas of inventory control, warehouse operations and purchasing. Each of these positions requires a unique set of skills that enables them to be successful in their management roles. Three of the most sought after management positions are outlined below, along with the associated skills typically sought by employers.

Inventory Control Manager

The key responsibility of an inventory control manager is to ensure that all products and supplies are properly stored, organized and monitored. Individuals in this position oversee the labeling and coding of inventory to make sure that it is easy to find and retrieve products for an order. Additionally, inventory control managers alert purchasing staff when inventory begins to run low. Organized individuals with several years of experience in receiving or order processing are often sought for this position.

Warehouse Operations Manager

Keeping track of the staff, inventory and working conditions of a warehouse can prove to be a challenging task, particularly for larger companies. A warehouse operations manager oversees warehouse management personnel and ensures that a warehouse is kept in a safe, orderly condition. Key responsibilities include making sure that shipping staff dispatch orders on time and ensuring that staff keeps the warehouse clean with proper climate control. Warehouse managers also enforce policies and standards to protect the safety of workers. Accordingly, employers seek individuals who are well accustomed to supervising warehouse staff and processes. Job applicants should be focused on increasing efficiency in an orderly fashion.

Purchasing Manager  

Maintaining relationships with vendors and customers requires the experience of a results-oriented purchasing manager. Individuals in this position negotiate with vendors on a regular basis in an effort to control costs for the company. For this position, employers typically seek individuals with several years of purchasing experience who have sharp communication and negotiation skills. Applicants should demonstrate a willingness to preserve vendor relationships while taking necessary measures to reduce the company’s expenses.

Given the variety of management positions available in the supply chain management field, job applicants in search of a career in management would be remiss if they overlook these opportunities.