Massachusetts company to spend $80 million to expand manufacturing

A Cambridge, Mass., biotechnology company recently announced it will be investing $80 million in manufacturing capacity. Genzyme, which was acquired by French pharmaceutical company in 2011 for $20.1 billion, said the money would be spent on expanding drug manufacturing capacity at its facility in Framingham, Mass., reported.

The new manufacturing facility will sit near a new cellular manufacturing plant in Framingham. The proposed building will improve purification methods to cope with the increasing demand for some of the company's most widely used products.

Company moving into new medical  territory
Fabrazyme, which is used to treat the life-threatening genetic disorder called ​Fabry disease, is perhaps Genzyme's most well-known product. Fabrazyme helps treat the disorder, which affects approximately 5,000 patients in the world.

The European Union also recently approved a Genzyme product – Lemtrada – which is being used to treat multiple sclerosis. Lemtrada is the second MS treatment drug to be approved for the European market in the past several months, although it has not yet been approved by use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. MS, an autoimmune disease that affects approximately 2.5 million people around the world, is estimated to cost $13 billion each year for treatments.

While Genzyme has in the past focused on rare diseases such as Fabry, the multimillion investment points toward likely future investments in more common sicknesses.

Finding candidates for manufacturing positions
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