Pokemon Go! Takes Gaming World by Storm

The Latest in Videogame Engineering & Product Development: Pokemon Go!

The latest news in the gaming world is one that has also taken the world by storm; and that is the advent of Pokemon Go!

It’s a genius idea on the part of the Nintendo company. Taking a game millions know and love and turning it into an app for smartphones is nothing short of brilliant. In just 24 hours after the game’s release to the public, nearly everyone downloads the app and goes out into the world to capture, train, and battle with their beloved pocket monsters. This has led to an increase in physical activity with everyone walking, running, and biking as they would in more traditional versions of the game. Most feel as though they are literally in the game world, and are having a blast playing it.

It’s a wonder that the server systems haven’t gone up in flames due to millions more people still downloading the app to their phones!

Now, granted there are some concerns about the security of the app. In the distracting frenzy of capturing pokemon for old time’s sake, one has to wonder about the safety of one’s personal information, even though the app itself is free of charge. It’s also GPS based, meaning it requires people using the app to have their location services turned on. This makes people easier to track. Already, reports of robbery at gunpoint have taken place. How does a person safely navigate these details and play the game?

The trick is to keep all of this carefully in mind as you play. Recognize the dangers, and adjust accordingly. Decide for yourself if it is worth it for you. If you like it, get out there and don’t forget to have fun! If you prefer not to, then that’s also great! It is entirely your call.