Product Development Tools: Autodesk Introduces Design Graph

Engineering & Product Development: Autodesk Introduces Design Graph

Ever worked on a design project, knew there was a 3D model in the database for the part you needed, but had no idea what file name to find it under? After a five-year project to develop a machine that can learn and identify the components of 3D designs, Autodesk announced that it has the solution.

On July 25th, the company finally unveiled their Design Graph technology. It uses algorithms to organize design models so you can spend less time searching and more time creating. It can also reduce costs by preventing the need to redesign a part that may already exist, and because it is a cloud application, you won’t have to worry about it eating your memory and slowing down your system.

Design Graph works by mining the data from all the models in your company’s A360 cloud and applying it to search for similarities between the part you need and those that already exist. It identifies the structure of a design, rather than relying on the inconsistent metadata tags created by the designers, integrating text search parameters with shape search for faster, more accurate results.

Mike Haley of Autodesk told, “We hope to have it run in the background during a design. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it suggest an existing part as the part you are designing is actually taking shape on your screen?”

This first release will be available in Autodesk 360, then Fusion and perhaps in other applications in the future. It supports more than 50 different 3D file formats but for now, you’ll need an A360 Drive account to use it.