Rapid Prototypes and 3D Printing Shorten Cost and Time of Product Development

“SHAZAM!” The Prototype Is the New Golden Egg of Engineering & Product Development

First the idea sparks in your head, followed by the sketch, CAD, specs, material options, and you wait for prototype approval.  Then you wait longer.

What if you were to create the prototype without needing approval?  What if you could build a prototype to resolve a mechanical problem? Or present a prototype to demonstrate product value before they could stop your engineering genius?  ”SHAZAM!” That felt good.

Good, good and very good news to the development engineer and the company. Prototyping is the golden egg and you now have it in your command. It is golden because it shortens the time needed from idea to product and that means profits for the company. It also energizes the engineering and product development team because it increases the flow of ideas.

Americans are thinking like Americans who want to get somewhere again. Shortening the cost and time to make a prototype is an exciting trend today. Some work in their garages using discarded or broken electronics and mechanical systems, essentially junk, to create something new and of potential great value. 3-D printing software and hardware continue to grow in complexity, ease of use, and speed.  Laptops with new software and larger 3-D printing machines can print a prototype in your work-space.  New animation software brings the idea to virtual reality that can resolve technical problems or demonstrate a new product to obtain interest and funding.

It’s a big and exciting world out there. Ride the wave of “SHAZAM!” We at Kappa Search Inc are waiting for your contact. We proudly work for you!