The Future of Robotics and Manufacturing

The Future of Robotics & Manufacturing

Few industries are as affected by technology as manufacturing. There are a lot of jobs leaving manufacturing domestically for cheap labor overseas. However, another threat to jobs in manufacturing is in the form of robotics. In many plants, there are already a lot of robots that help with the manufacturing process. For companies, this is a great way to spend money upfront and then enjoy expense savings over time. There are a lot of workers who get displaced by increasing levels of technology in this industry.

Robotics in Manufacturing

There are a lot of examples of companies investing in robotics in this industry. Over time, robots are less expensive than human workers. In many cases, the work performed is similar or better than humans as well. Although this is good news from a cost perspective, there are a lot of workers in this industry worried about their future. Many people believe technology is the only way that the United States competes with manufacturing nations from around the world. This is one of the biggest reasons many industry experts expect this trend of robotics to continue.

Jobs and Robotics

For many people working in this industry, increasing levels of robotics is not a good sign. Human workers simply cannot compete with robots in low-skill labor. The technology today is good enough where robots get programmed to perform these tasks with ease. Robots do not get tired, nor do they require health insurance like their human counterparts. Although it is sad for workers in this industry, many people expect that jobs will decline in the next couple of years.