The Future of Virtual Reality that Can Touch You

The Future of Virtual Reality that Can Touch You

Even with advent of technology, the natural feel is still very critical in establishing a lasting connection. Human interaction has become quite a core factor in a lot of day-to-day lives, and most of this interaction has remained physical. Even in the age of virtual interactions, humans have valued physical interactions more, bringing us to the conclusion that touch is an important aspect in achieving what technology hopes to achieve with 3D technology.

Virtual reality has in the last few months risen to become one of the most widely used and most promising technologies in a futuristic world. However, in as much as virtual reality gives the user a 360-degree view of the world and makes you feel immersed in it, it lacks one important factor in human interaction, touch. While you may feel deeply engaged in the video or advert, absence of the touch makes it lesser real to human interaction.

Recently, the ‘University of Twente’ study showed that people perceive virtual characters that can touch as warmer and friendlier. It’s on the premise that new technology is coming up with characteristics that will allow the characters in the virtual reality video to touch you.

The contact phenomenon is achievable by wearing a unique sleeve that fits around the arm, the bracelet mainly known as ‘HEY’ bracelet is the first of its kind to simulate a human touch.

The technology once unveiled will make virtual reality more real and friendlier even to children and in the process enriching contact by robots and virtual characters. Touch in Virtual reality will prove a significant breakthrough in the world of virtual reality. Imagine computers that can touch you and involve you in more physical interactions like an average human would.