The Latest in CAD, CAE and Product Development

The Latest in CAD Engineering & Product Development

The field of engineering, particularly Product Development and CAD engineering, has seen a lot of growth in recent years. The advent of 3D printing has become more widely available, and has helped even engineering students create products that change the world of dentistry and teeth whitening. Engineering in general has become a game changer in the development of vehicles of all sorts, computer technology, medical technology, and a multitude of others!

Big things are happening in CAD technology as the software moves from discs to apps to cloud systems. This creates a more connected environment for CAD users to work in and share their ideas with others, thus enabling better product design. This also makes CAD software much more affordable than in the last 5-10 years, allowing easier access to the software. Another major point to note about CAD engineering is that CAD software is growing increasingly more mobile; users in all fields are able to access the software via a desktop computer, laptop computer, or a mobile device. Combined with the cloud system and a subscription-based pricing module, CAD software has become much more accessible to consumers of all fields.

As for product engineering, big things are happening in the world of gaming. Much like with the new developments in CAD software, fresh new designs in gaming consoles as well as revivals of older concepts have generated new interest. According to Design News, the Pico company is working to make virtual reality a “stand-alone mobile experience”. The Oculus Rift system is also generating budding interest in the world of virtual reality, where gamers put on a visor and experience being in the world of the game. Pico is working on a similar idea; that is, they are at work developing a headset and game control system that is durable and wearable for hours at a time, which is something that other game companies have not yet succeeded at with their VR systems.

This is barely scratching the surface in CAD software development and gaming development, let alone other fields and technological advancements. Engineering has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, and is set to only become more prominent as years go by.