Three Trends Reshaping the Lean Manufacturing Industry

Three Trends Reshaping the Lean Manufacturing Industry

It is sometimes difficult for lean manufacturers to keep up with the rapidly advancing technology and opportunities. While it is critical to stay on top of current trends in manufacturing, consultants in this field, have a tough time identifying new ways to integrate new technology into lean manufacturing. However, current trends are impacting the lean manufacturing industry, they include:

Strength motivated lean thinking   

Most lean applications have their basis on the assumption that there is a perfect state and that the state is not achievable due to inefficiencies and waste. However, the strength based lean thinking approach shifts the focus from what is not working to what is working and aims at increasing its value and sustainability. This approach motivates people to face future challenges and opportunities ahead.

Lean Labor   

Every day, manufacturing companies face a daunting task in finding ways to increase efficiency and production while cutting on cost. The dilemma has become more critical due to increased pressure from competitors as well as new players.

Lean labor helps manufacturers align employees with work production demands hence getting the right mix of staff and skills for certain tasks. Not only does lean labor reduce overtime costs for workers standing for absentee colleagues, but it also increases revenue and total production and allows companies to focus on revenue generating activities.

Integration of 3-D printing and lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is embracing and integrating 3-D printing into its operations. 3D printing increases lean efficiency through its cost efficient mechanism and creative ability brought about by its highly customizable nature of production. This customization feature brews innovation, leading to leaner and profitable manufacturing.