Three trends to shape up the supply chain industry for many days

Three trends to shape up the supply chain industry for many days

For a long time, the world of supply chain referred to technologies such as cloud and mobile as future technologies. However, those technologies are a reality now. The supply chain industry has gone digital hence making logistics faster, accurate and cheaper compared to before. Recent breakthroughs experienced in the cloud and mobile technology has led to development of new trends that will impact the supply chain industry in years to come.

Integrated companies expected to grow fastest        

Research shows that majority of the integrated supply chain companies recorded a 20% increased growth as compared to the non-integrated companies. The difference mainly results from the ease of access of material or passage of information through departments of the integrated company as opposed to the non-integrated. The employees in the integrated company have access to better data which is automatically distributed hence eliminating the time used to search within systems for information.

Availability of limitless mobile options       

With mobile operators out to outdo each other, the supply chain management systems do not need to depend on mobile operators that offer limited hardware choices. With majority of many phones developed lately bearing the ability to read bar codes, wedge scanners on top of other scanners available, the supply chain industry has extensive opportunities to mix and match mobile phones depending on their preferences, which include cost, durability, and ease of use.

The need for better data protection to lead people to the cloud            

When it comes data security, no server is safe from cyber-crimes. Basically, in the supply chain industry where the data is sensitive, the need for safety has led to many firms moving to the cloud to conduct their activities safely and securely since on-premise storages offer the little security of data compared to cloud storages. Call us now for more information.