Transforming the Manufacturing Industry With SMAC Technology

SMAC technology is a concept that combines the use of social media, mobile applications, analytics and cloud technology to make the customer experience more satisfactory and increase productivity. In the manufacturing industry, this technology increases efficiency on the work floor which results in less downtime and streamlined production runs. Also, it improves the customer experience by allowing manufacturers to share information with their customers via social media and receive immediate feedback on their products and services. Let’s take a look at each aspect of this technology concept.


Exchanging information through social media channels enables manufacturers to communicate the products and services that they offer and receive instant connectivity to their customer base. The feedback and ideas from clients can lead to improvement in the manufacturing process and increased productivity.


Efficient use of mobile technology on the plant floor improves communication regarding production flow and other issues. Mobile technology saves time and money by providing quicker resolution to problems.


Information gathered from analytics helps manufacturers identify areas that need improvement and contribute to guiding future advancements in product development.


This technology secures critical data wirelessly while allowing easy retrieval for office workers and production staff either in the office or while using mobile devices. Additionally, it grants wireless access to resources for customers to address their needs.

Manufacturers who use SMAC technology in their operations have an advantage that helps them to run a more efficient production floor. This benefit leads to greater profits and better growth projections due to the enhanced level of communication internally and with the customer base.